Our mission is to become the go-to platform for all existing cryptocurrency users and the main gateway for the new adopters. We believe that cryptocurrencies will eventually become mainstream currencies, and Coinyspace will be at the centre of the action!
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Coinyspace (formerly moBUinet) is the first platform that is focusing on the community building, as we believe this is the foundation that will elevate the universal acceptance of bitcoin and other digital currencies.
Our ultimate aim is to make cryptocurrencies universally accepted across the world.
The platform offers a unique functionality that is specifically designed to facilitate further adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies. It is designed to be a place where ideas can be shared, developers, merchants, and individuals can collaborate with one another, and lasting and productive connections can be forged.
Our Advantages
Founders and Developers
  • Will be able to showcase their projects, by creating an authentic Coinyspace profile that highlights project's strength, describes its competitive advantage, and builds trust in the team and their company;

  • Can launch and manage ICO campaigns, airdrops, bounties, publish updates and engage with the community using user-friendly functionality of the Platform;

  • Will be able to build and engage their online network—to attract more investors, adopters, miners, users and so on.
  • Can increase their turnover and reach by showcasing and promoting their goods/services to the cryptocurrency consumer base on Coinyspace;

  • Can streamline their supply chain and reduce costs by finding more suppliers, contractors, freelancers and employees accepting cryptocurrencies;

  • Can expand their operations by utilizing the networking functionality, which will enable them to expand their operations by strategically connecting and partnering with other businesses.
Cryptocurrency Users
  • Can financially benefit by becoming early adopters, miners or investors of new promising crypto projects,

  • Can earn cryptocurrencies by showcasing or promoting their freelance practices, businesses, ideas or campaigns,

  • Will be able to find ways to spend digital currencies to buy goods and services they need,

  • New users will be able to learn quickly how digital currencies work and seamlessly immerse into the crypto world.
Road Map
Idea Creation: The Team envisages a platform which will make bitcoin accepted across-the board
Concept Development: The Core Team has been built. Key features of a cryptocurrency platform/network are outlined. Initial development starts.
The first prototype is being developed. Different ideas (marketplace, an experimental internal currency, specifically tailored networking concept etc) are being discussed.
A prototype of the platform has been launched. User feedback is being gathered.
The team analyses the feedback data to get the most out it and uncover the best insights. The concept of the Platform is being refined.
2018 1/2
Token Sale, Airdrop & Bounty campaigns are conceived and developed.
Private Sale Launch.
2018 2/2
Public Sale Completed.
Further Development Phase and
Bug Bounty Program. Initial Marketing.
Fully Functional Platform Launch.
All-Out Marketing Campaign.
New features are gradually rolled out to make Coinyspace the go-to platform for all cryptocurrency users.
Albert Akhsavarov
BD Lead
Albert is our co-founder and a business development lead. He holds a degree in economics, has robust financial services industry experience and is passionate about monetary systems and social media.
Feel free to connect him on LinkedIn and ask any questions about our project.

Murad Chupanov
Project Director
Murad is an experienced engineer. He leads projects to design earthquake resistance buildings in the most earthquake prone parts of the world. His recent project was establishing a seismic monitoring station on the Commander Islands where he had a chance to wave back to Sara Palin. Responsibility is Murad's middle name because many human lives depend on the quality of the work he does.
He likes security and stability of blockchains and sees a bright future for cryptocurrencies. Murad's key role is to supervise the project development making sure that the product development and business development are synced and that all deadlines are met.
Mikhail Sytchev
Lead Developer
Mikhail holds a master degree in applied math and computer science. He is a co-founder and CTO of Spalmalo Inc.
He works with most technological areas of web and mobile apps development including big data, machine learning and scalable fault tolerant systems. External tech adviser of several successful startups such as picvpic.com.

Sabir Azizkhanov
Operations Lead
Sabir is is responsible for managing all operational matters. He was running his own consulting business and has experience in streamlining business processes and cutting down on costs.
Ismar Dzhon
Ismar is a designer with more than 10 year experience. He led many design projects from start to finish on time with excellent quality. Currently he holds a position of Art Director in Spalmalo Inc.
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